Indecision vs. Intention

I’ve determined there are two types of people in the world: the decisive, and the indecisive. I am undoubtedly the latter. When you take me to a restaurant, be sure to eat a snack before you go because I could spend eternity looking at the menu trying to decide what I want. And don’t even […]

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There’s Power in Prayer and Humility

In my previous couple posts, SOAP OPERA VIBES: THESE WERE THE DAYS OF THEIR LIVES and GRACE FOR THE WAITING, I discussed the tension between Peninnah and Hannah, found in 1 Samuel 1. I hope you’re ready for more, because I just can’t get enough of this story. There’s so much truth for our lives and applicable principles for the relationships […]

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Grace for the Waiting

Do you ever feel like you have it all together? Like you could take on the world if it came at you? And sometimes it might not even be a conceited, arrogant disposition – it may just be a contentment that allows you to walk in an air of confidence. Well that’s basically how I […]

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He defies all odds.

Optical illusions. They make you scratch your head and say, “huh??”. Everything that once made sense in your mind and abided by the way of logic has now been turned upside down. What once was impossible has now been challenged as a possibility. There’s a passage of scripture in Exodus 14 that acts as an […]

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It’s a Celebration!

Well friends, it’s our last observation from Exodus 14 today. Bittersweet for all 3 of my faithful readers, I know. 😉  But no need to fear…I’m thinking about continuing the themed posts to study specific portions of scripture and draw observations and truths from them. Thoughts, opinions, feedback? Anyways, while you think and ponder that […]

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